Purchasing printing (30 pages of black and white or 15 pages in colour for $2) on CQUEST entails a trip to the print GIZMO!

The "gizmo" (for want of a better name) is located in the Ramsay Wright CQUEST terminal room (RW211). It only takes toonies. It doesn't provide change and it won't give you your toonie back!

Please make sure you read the instructions posted next the the Gizmo! The gizmo is easy to use BUT it doesn't work like a vending machine. It wants information from you (like your account #) in return for the increase in quota. NOTE: once the box eats the $2 coin, it won't give it back!

Here's the Simplified Instructions.
  1. Have your coin(s) ready. DO NOT Deposit coins UNTIL prompted!
  2. Enter your CQUEST login name on the terminal and press the return key to verify your CQUEST account. (Do not use the arrow keys or the backspace key if you make a typing mistake. Just press the return key and let the display return to the initial prompt to enter your CQUEST login.)
  3. Your present quota will be displayed, then you will be prompted to start depositing the two dollar coins into the coin slot. You will have about twenty seconds to deposit your coin(s). Each accepted coin adds 30 print units to your print quota. (After each coin is deposited, the display will update how many coins you have deposited.)
  4. After depositing your coins, the terminal will update your print quota on CQUEST and display the new quota. The transaction is complete when the displays the CQUEST login id prompt.

If you have problems adding pages, send e-mail to userhelp@cquest. Please include your login id, the date, the time and which coinbox you deposited the coin(s).

Once you have purchased printing, you can check to see where your quota stands by clicking here or from the "check your print quota" link on the home page.

Let us know if you encounter any difficulties!